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To:    Robert Pittenger, North Carolina 9th District Congressman

         Town of White Lake Officials

         Bladen County Commissioners


We the undersigned, agree:


(1) That White Lake, NC is a tremendous asset and natural treasure for the State of North Carolina, the county of Bladen and the town of White Lake.


(2) That we believe White Lake is experiencing man-made “Eutrophication” or nutrient enrichment resulting from stormwater runoff or underground water contamination. Three possible sources are lawn fertilizer, agriculture fertilizer or a sewer treatment facility. All three sources are present and very close-by.


(3) That White Lake is truly a rare ecological creation without comparison that demands preservation.


(4) We believe that the water in White Lake should be restored to its pre-2012 condition of clarity and vitality which was its natural state and chemistry.


(5) We welcome and will champion the latest environmentally safe water restoration technologies that show promise.


We urge you to:

Call, fax, write or email Congressman Robert Pittenger and ask him to appropriate resources, support funding and approve the restoration process for the water and shoreline of White Lake, North Carolina. Implore him to help us secure the required permits to proactively attempt a clean-up operation using the latest, safest technology available. Highlighted below is a prepared response that is automatically emailed to Congressman Robert Pittenger.  Copy the prepared highlighted response below then click here and paste it in the message box or click here and then click contact to send your own. Please take the time to do this as our collective voices are needed.



“Please appropriate resources, support funding and approve the restoration process for the water and shoreline of White Lake, North Carolina. This lake is utilized by tens of thousands of North Carolinians and its impact on the county economy is overwhelming. To lose our tourism appeal will negatively affect the state economy as well.” White Lake truly is historically and uniquely different than any other inland body of water and should be preserved if for no other reason. Impossible to duplicate and with the financial well-being of an entire county poised for decline, this emergency should be of paramount concern. This is an opportunity for state government to champion an entire county by addressing this threat before it reaches an absolute crisis. Additionally, we seek special consideration at a time when traditional strategies and applications have paled against the sheer volume of water found in most problem areas. Please come see for yourself the peril we face. We are depending on you to help. We need the bureaucratic doors opened, the agencies involved with water quality to listen and explore with renewed vigor possible remedies. We are counting on your support!